Want Me To Help You Pinpoint Your Best Career Move And Make It A Reality? 


I’m Nancy Sherr and I’m OBSESSED with creating GREAT CAREER OUTCOMES.

You’re pondering a mid-career transition to a new working life. You’re sensing this as a time of confusion, insecurity, and uncertainty. You’re scared

You have a lot at stake. But, you can’t possibly imagine 20-30 more years of this misery. You admit you’re in lockstep of inauthentic or unstimulating work — shackled in the midst of numbing corporate politics. But, what about the financial risk of making a change? And to what?

Meanwhile, the days grind on. You’re longing for a job and career that lights you up. One you can’t wait to get to everyday. Meanwhile, you’re frustrated and stuck.

I’ll take you from confused to precise, from unclear to lucid, from lost to grounded. You’ll be smarter and more in control so that you channel that flame of ambition to a fire that lights up your career and your life. Despair no more — I’m your secret weapon. I’m tenaciously committed to helping you recreate the career and life you crave.

You’re in the right place. I will teach you how to cultivate your competitive edge, package it, and put it to work in the world. And, I can’t wait to usher you in!


“We all find ourselves on this high stakes treasure hunt at some point or another — a little bit lost, a little bit inspired and a lot worried. If you want to be sure you’re making the best life-changing career play, working with Nancy is the exact right next step. In Nancy you’ll find a safe place with a wise teacher and a constant champion to look within, go deep, shed your myths and bust out a whole new future.”

Gretchen Pisano, MAPP, PCC

CEO, p.Link ® Coaching Center for Excellence

I know you have a lot of choices in who you read, so I know I have to earn your trust. If you’re curious, here’s a little bit about me.

What’s my story? I’m unshakably optimistic and relentless about exploring possibilities. I’m a really good person to have in your camp. I’m also a straight talker who’s reinvented myself three times. 25 years in the corporate world, hiring and promoting top performers while leading and coaching extraordinary teams, consulting for small businesses and start-ups, and now laser-focused on teaching tried ‘n true career strategy that succeeds in the modern day.

What’s so special? This act is infused with the seasoned culmination of powerful lessons learned from my past success teachers, a business background full of wins and my fair share of setbacks, and decades of zealous observation of corporate and entrepreneurial leadership, all wrapped around a solid year of in-depth research and field testing on precisely what it takes to master the modern day job hunt. I’ve conceptualized and created the secret weapon. The code has been cracked and the proven method is ready to be handed to you.

What do I know for sure? Most job seekers are using a model of ineffectiveness, re-circulating old archaic tactics that don’t translate into anything but disappointment. I’ll spark your energy and hand over the exact methods (void of fluff), so you’re set to create natural connections and are poised to blaze your trail to a job you love. You’ll also make valuable relationships that will position you to be tapped on the shoulder for future opportunities. That’s just how it works.

What’s at the core? I understand the game behind the game. You’ll be snapped into a new and deliberate mindset with the clarity and focus you’ve been longing for, so that you get what you want and never sellout to the wrong job. Your in-between, half-there, guilty-everywhere psyche is for the BIRDS. No more frustration and no more misery. This is your time.


“This is a note of enormous gratitude to you, Nancy, because without your wisdom and insights, I’d never have made this life-changing move. THANK YOU. Last year, after leaving a senior corporate role to pursue something new, I was plagued by doubt and yes, good old fear. I chanced upon Nancy and loved the message she expressed. Working with her on this major career transition was an incredibly timely gift, and her observations and guidance were just what I needed.

“Reinvention catalyst” is a very, very appropriate description for Nancy.”

—Debra Langley, Singapore

I Believe:

Negativity can play a positive role in how we’re motivated—OR NOT—to tackle our goals, career and otherwise. Fact: the voice between our ears doesn’t always carry the most virtuous message.

  • I’m committed to squash your crippling chatter so you can effectuate wins in your career and in your life.

As human beings we have fascinating talents and skills that are longing, bursting to be expressed. But most people are blind to what those attributes are—so they sellout. Sometimes for a lifetime.

  • I’m an ace at pinpointing your most sparking talents & skills and am relentless at directing you to target jobs that put those gifts in play.

The speed of change in the world has forced people to work differently. You must cut through the noise, delete the fluff and streamline the process to get what you want in your career and in your life.

  • I live by this personally and it’s precisely the way I run my work.

The way you feel = the quality of your life. Fact: if you’re miserable in your job, your well-being is absolutely being compromised.

  • I’m glad you’re here; you’re in the right place!

The regurgitation of dusty obsolete haphazard job search advice needs to be abolished. Sheesh.

  • Again: I’m glad you’re here; you’re in the right place!

I am someone who knows how to get the absolute best results in the shortest possible time using field-tested proven methods.

  • I take clients from sub-zero (that’s where you’ve hit the wall and have zero hope of ever finding a job you love), to landing multiple job offers … all because I know how to master psychology and because I use proven systems and methods. (there’s no time for trial and error)

I believe there should be no delineation between work and life, they should meld together seamlessly, if you’re in the right job—a job you LOVE.

  • Aside from witnessing it in others countless times in my career, I’ve been there too. I’ve experienced selling out to the wrong job. I know the misery and angst that ensues, the kind that crushes and devours the soul. I know it from a visceral place. I’ll NEVER do it again. And YOU won’t either. I’ve got your back.