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“This guide instantly transformed the way I think about my resume, thanks again!”

——Steve T., NYC

“We all find ourselves on this high stakes treasure hunt at some point or another — a little bit lost, a little bit inspired and a lot worried. If you want to be sure you’re making the best life-changing career play, working with Nancy is the exact right next step. In Nancy you’ll find a safe place with a wise teacher and a constant champion to look within, go deep, shed your myths and bust out a whole new future.”

Gretchen Pisano, MAPP, PCC

CEO, p.Link ® Coaching Center for Excellence

I’m Nancy Sherr, and I take an uncommon approach to most “career experts” out there. 

IMAGINE presenting yourself as a self-assured, charismatic candidate, dazzling your interviewer, crushing the competition, and negotiating a winning salary.

WHAT WOULD IT TAKE to be a moneymaking, dynamic professional, all while using the strengths and talents you love to use?

I AM THE MASTER KEY to unleashing your confidence and demolishing your fears, so you can successfully reinvent yourself, land a great job, and rock the world with your brilliance.

I WILL MAKE THE WORLD SEE YOU, your talent and your genius.

WHY? Because hiding behind yet another self-deprecating lie (I don’t have enough experience, I’m afraid I’ll fail) is getting you a big fat goose egg. It also isn’t helping the world because you’re depriving it of your luster. And most of all, you’re better than that.

HOW? By upping your confidence and showing the world that you have in fact arrived. I will make you unmissable and unignorable.

MY METHOD? An impressive modern day assemblage of concrete, field-tested tactics and techniques, collated into an elegant richly informed process that is Authentic, Bold & Differentiating — all with a generous sprinkling of the grit that will get you the career and life you crave.

SO, ARE YOU AMBITIOUS and ready to build an uncommonly good career and life?

It’s time to cultivate your competitive edge, package it, and put it to work in the world.

Energy begets results. Maximize your impact.

 4 key RESUME TIPS that actually GET YOU NOTICED!


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