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6 Essentials To Moving Fearlessly Through Fear

You thought you’d get away easy, huh? Slip silently past the pain, the uncertainty — the fear that awaits you, just down the road a bit.

Not so fast, my dear.

You feel that dull, nauseating feeling in your gut? Any minute now, you’re going to have to dance the tango with that thing you’ve been trying to avoid for so long. Your heart beats faster, your palms sweat a little, you keep step with trepidation, knowing that each move brings you one step closer to the inevitable.

Stop trying to ignore it. Of course it’s inevitable. You can tell by the way your boss averts her eyes when she walks past your desk, or the way your co-workers suddenly stop chatting when you walk into the break room to pour your morning coffee.

You can tell by your husband’s pronounced disinterest in you. He’s always held grudges; that’s nothing new. But something about this time — this silence, is so much… more silent.

What’s up? In all these scenarios, “what’s up” is Big. Life. Changes. The proverbial line in the sand that divides “what was” from “what now is” or “what’s about to be.” It’s frightening. And unavoidable.

Everyone goes through it. Sometimes, the career you’ve built is snatched out from under you. Sometimes, your marriage dissolves. Sometimes, a loved one gets sick or passes on. Maybe our children are preparing to leave the nest. Or perhaps everything in your life looks great on paper, but inside… you’re soul is roasting. So you initiate a big change — fearful people may even resent you for doing so.

Whatever our “change” might be, we’ve all been there. Problem is, we spend so much time resisting what we already know intuitively to be true and imagining worst case scenarios that we forget we have the strength to endure the storm and emerge resilient and powerful, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

We put off speaking to our boss or communicating with our spouse or calling the doctor and having more tests done, because we’re afraid. We put it off and put it off, always awaiting the day when we’ll no longer be afraid — or we keep hoping it will all just go away.

But fear never goes away, and big life changes never fail to manifest. Both are constant; both are guaranteed. All we can do is lean into the change — albeit fearful and trembling — determined to emerge healthy, happy and whole on the other side.

Sound easier said than done? Here are some ways you can move fearlessly through fear when navigating a big life change.

Realize no one accomplishes anything worthwhile and honorable in this world without facing some element of fear. Those folks who just buzz along appearing so confident in how they navigate life are fearful, just like you and me. The entrepreneur launching a new solo business, the woman facing a health battle that’s threatening her life, the mom struggling to raise her kids after losing her spouse, the student raising her hand declaring she’s totally lost. The differentiator is acting in spite of that fear. Moving forward in the face of fear is a decision. It takes courage. It’s what’s going to get you there. So decide to get moving, take a deep breath and lean into it.

When your mind chatters with the potential negativity people will think about you after this change, write it down. Then, with conviction, erase your need to please your personal Board of Directors (who appointed them The Boss of You, anyway?). Ask yourself why you feel the need for their approval? Why do you feel any obligation to do things their way? Moreover, what might you hope to accomplish by being in someone else’s business? Stay in your own business — it actually feels really good when you do!

Think about worst-case scenarios that could happen as a result of this change. Then, write them down and use a giant dose of reality to turn them around. A lot of times we conjure demons that never come to pass. We self-sabotage, talking ourselves out of love, success, money or happiness because those inner voices tell us we’re undeserving. These thoughts, these lies are what cause our suffering. As Byron Katie states in “The Work”: “We suffer when we believe a thought that argues with what is.”

Think back to a time in your life when everything just “flowed.” When did you feel freest? When were you the most radiant, most alive, most fulfilled version of yourself? Where were you? What were you doing? Who were you with? That joy was generated from your genuine, true, authentic self. Reclaim you power to define yourself and your life according to what’s true for you.

Give yourself permission to think bigger and to want more. Thriving is a conscious decision. You don’t just wake up one morning and start cruising on all cylinders. Decide to dream a bigger dream for yourself, and want more for yourself. Without wanting, we stagnate. Wanting fires up the perseverance that powers us to take the next step. Wanting fires up the imagination. Wanting fires up our life.

Create a plan, set milestones and celebrate successes along the way. So often, after a monumental life change, many people may be able to envision a new life, but aren’t clear on how to get there. Accepting change, embracing fear, and doing what you love and what you’re good at are all part of the blossoming process. Create a plan, set milestones and goals so you can measure success in increments.

Then, celebrate! You’ve met change head-on. And although fear remains and often tries to block your progress, you’re dancing along, cutting a rug right through it.

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09/13/2012 03:35 pm ET | Updated April 3, 2016

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