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I’m Nancy Sherr, and I take an uncommon approach to most “career experts” out there. 

IMAGINE being able to articulate with presence and poise, precisely how you can add value to an organization who solves the problems you’re passionate about solving, all while realizing the financial security your desire and deserve.

WHAT WOULD IT TAKE to transition to a truly authentic career, doing work you love, all while using your natural-born skills and strengths?

I AM THE MASTER KEY to unleashing your confidence and demolishing your fears, so you can successfully reinvent yourself, transition to a great job or create your own endeavor, and rock the world with your brilliance.

I WILL MAKE THE WORLD SEE YOU, your talent and your genius.

WHY? Because hiding behind yet another self-deprecating lie (I’m afraid I’ll fail, I won’t be able to realize financial security, etc.) is getting you a big fat goose egg. It also isn’t helping the world because you’re depriving it of your luster. And most of all, you’re better than that.

HOW? By upping your confidence and showing the world that you have in fact arrived. I will make you realize your truest sense of self in your professional life, and make you unmissable and unignorable.

MY METHOD? An impressive modern day assemblage of concrete, field-tested tactics and techniques, collated into an elegant richly informed process that is Authentic, Bold & Differentiating — all with a generous sprinkling of the grit that will get you the career and life you crave.

SO, ARE YOU AMBITIOUS and ready to build an uncommonly good career and life?

Check out these people who cultivated their TRUE competitive edge and put it to work…

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This is a note of enormous gratitude to you, Nancy, because without your wisdom and insights, I’d never have made this life-changing move. THANK YOU. Last year, after leaving a senior corporate role to pursue something new, I was plagued by doubt and yes, good old fear. I chanced upon Nancy and loved the message she expressed. Working with her on this major career transition was an incredibly timely gift, and her observations and guidance were just what I needed. “Reinvention catalyst” is a very, very appropriate description for Nancy.

- Debra Langley, Singapore

I attended an alumni event my university in which Nancy was the keynote speaker. At this point, I was feeling stuck in my career with no end in sight. I had spent the past four months applying to hundreds of jobs, speaking with recruiters, and sending my resume out through countless job boards and getting nowhere. I felt defeated. I decided to explore the idea of utilizing a career strategist and had started my research. When I saw the opportunity to hear what Nancy had to say I took to it immediately. From the moment Nancy began her lecture I knew I wanted to work with her, it was as if she knew my story before we even had our first conversation — mid-career, feeling stuck and unsure where to begin. Nancy’s coaching program not only resulted in a new position at a company that was aligned with exactly what I was looking for but it also gave me the tools I needed to understand who I was professionally and personally and identify strengths that were unique to me that I could offer to future organizations. Nancy was there to guide me through every step of the way; she helped me develop and refine the communication skills and confidence I needed to navigate my way through both my job search as well as the interview process. Nancy is not only knowledgeable of the job market’s ever-changing environment but is able to lend incredibly valuable advice that comes from her own amazing career. Having the ability to relate to my situation on a personal level truly helped me to have a successful and productive working relationship with her. I absolutely cannot thank Nancy enough and am SO happy I chose to work with her!

- Alyssa Mirigliano, NYC

Steadfast and committed to my success, Nancy’s counsel has been invaluable. She’s provided me a solid understanding of the current job market, helped me expand my network, and coached me to present myself with poise and confidence.

- Sarah G., Portland, OR

Nancy’s career advice is engaging, counterintuitive and inspiring. I hit a wall in my career and was feeling really down. I was so lucky to find her. Her process is thoughtful, thorough, and focused. She’s so knowledgeable about the current job market and what it takes to find a great job. I finally saw a way out of feeling like I had to stay stuck in a job that I truly loathed! She helped me quickly figure out what I really wanted to do and how to go after it. Plus, she’s just so uplifting and motivating. My confidence was immediately boosted. Nancy is a sure shot!

- Peter N. Washington D.C.

It was quickly clear that Nancy is a person who is genuinely invested in my success. She has totally transformed my view on my professional future. Not only did I get a fantastic new job, I also feel equipped with the confidence and tools I will need to take action and continue to achieve my career goals, all thanks to Nancy!

- Ben R., Providence, RI

Exuberant spirit, quick wit, and an acute-listener, Nancy is a rare find. She coached me back from a major career set back with total commitment and instilled confidence in me that was key to my success. Her passion and business savvy are amongst her greatest gifts.

- Paul A., Chicago, IL

Nancy is a conduit for the wonderful energy of discovery. Her tactical and thoughtful system is excellent, and her illuminating, exuberant spirit is a delight. My results from working with her couldn’t have been more satisfying and complete!

- Jay S., Boston, MA

What I value most about Nancy’s style of coaching is not only her wisdom and veteran knowledge, but her deep understanding of what it takes to get a job in today’s marketplace. I was using old job search techniques that were leaving me totally discouraged and frustrated, until I began working with her. Then, everything changed.

- Tara J., Los Angeles, CA

Honest and whip-smart, Nancy was the pathway to my new future when was in (deep) need of a change. She is a most compassionate person, seriously understands people, and knows exactly how to transition careers in today’s economy. Aside from her quick wit, she has a laser-focused commitment, guiding me at the most difficult time of my life. Aside from her enthusiasm for life, which is infectious, she has developed a great career search process that delivers results customized to specification. Simply put: Nancy is awesome!

- Katrina M., Chicago, IL

I felt so lost as to how to best relaunch my career. I’m so grateful to have found Nancy. With her career veteran know-how and her step-by-step system, I ultimately made a career transition that I never thought possible. Thank you, Nancy!

- Steven O., Pittsburg, PA

After years of being unhappy I reached out to other career experts and was sorely disappointed with the results. When I connected with Nancy, I was skeptical after my previous negative experiences, but quickly realized our chance meeting was an absolute blessing! Her excellent program, positive attitude, and her extensive career experience enable us that are lost to hone in on what makes us happy and determine how we can merge that into our careers. She was instrumental in reinforcing my core values to drive home what is essential to me, but more importantly taught me how they can be used in a career setting going forward. I’m now have received a promotion at work in a role that is MUCH closer to what it is I want to do. It’s amazing what can happen when you realize that what you genuinely like to do and how your inherent value system can be a part of your work life. Nancy can lead you there!”

- Jacquelyn Hayward, Boston, MA

After a hiatus from the corporate world, I was overwhelmed by how to go about getting back in the game. Working with Nancy was a tremendous help in boosting my confidence and guided me to figure out what I wanted to do and how to create a network to get me there.

- Georgiana S., Nashville, TN

Highly competent and engaging, Nancy prepared me in great depth to successfully interview and negotiate my compensation. I’ve undervalued myself too often in my career, but this time I got what I wanted, and Nancy gave me all the confidence and tools to do it!

- Dennis V., Dallas, TX

Nancy guided me to reframe how I present myself so that I could confidently network and make valuable contacts, which ultimately lead me to getting an awesome new job! She has that rare ability to take your story and make it cohesive and compelling. Working with Nancy has really built my confidence and seriously turned my professional life around! She’s a masterful career coach, one you need in your corner.

- Shawn G., Syracuse, NY

Nancy has forever changed the way I think about my job search and my career.

- Steven T., Morristown, NJ

Honest and whip-smart, Nancy was the pathway to my new future when I lost my job. She is a compassionate person and knows exactly how to find a great job in today’s economy. Nancy’s commitment to my success was abundantly clear. I’m so grateful to have had her as my coach.

- Helena M., Chicago, IL

Nancy’s inspiring approach and excellent system set me up for success bringing clarity, illuminating my best work in the world, and served as a template to support my developing an action plan leading me to my best career choice. She took all the guesswork out of it. Using her tactical action steps, I was excited to follow Nancy’s system which resulted in my dream job offer!

- Rob J., Miami, FL

Strong spirit, inquisitive, acute-listener, and a loving nature, Nancy is a rare find. She coached me back from a major career set back with intense commitment and instilled confidence in me that was key to my success. Her passion and infectious love of life are amongst her greatest gifts. This career coach is a natural and a true gem.

- Elizabeth A., Chicago, IL

Nancy has an infectious sense of humor, acute attention to detail, and is a true delight. She brings high-energy and a rare commitment to being a modern day career coach. Her steady hand created a warm, safe, and comfortable environment for me to identify who I really am as an individual. She helped me to build a fresh path centered around my deepest passions and strengths, and guided me to creating a plan to jump-start my career.

- Megan T., Carlsbad, CA

Nancy is an amazing motivational and inspirational career coach. She is a curious, creative, and passionate person and lends a keen perspective. With her program, I learned exactly how to develop a plan to execute my search and put it into action. Nancy helped me see what I couldn’t see and taught me exactly how to get the offer to my dream job.

- Jenna R., Washington, D.C.

Nancy came into my life about four years ago, when I was at a crossroads in many areas of my life, not least in my career. I credit her with much of the success for where I am today. While partial and independent, Nancy’s personal job experiences and wealth of understanding help inform her approach. It’s such a relief to be working with someone who “gets it” straight away. Nancy has helped me on two levels. Firstly, on the practical level. She helped identify my strengths and opened my eyes to different options I had not even considered. She will take you through every stage of the process, piece by piece, until it all comes together. She sets your sights high, and then helps you craft a plan to achieve it. She was true to her word and stuck by me, pushing me (she’d call it “motivating me”!) to make things happen, and they did. The second level is emotional. Nancy is an expert coach, a calm and considered voice that fills me with confidence. Knowing I have a real advocate in my corner is invaluable. I would thoroughly recommend Nancy whether you are at the beginning of your career journey, thinking of making a move, or looking to get back into the market. Nancy is my secret weapon.

- Jane Mathews, Sydney AU

After college, I took a job and I found myself miserable. Approaching my early 30s I became really worried that I’d never be happy professionally. Finding Nancy was a huge relief! She guided me to find my footing and get on track. Her system makes all the sense in the world, it really worked for me!

- Simon H., San Francisco, CA

I really had no clue where to begin—until I found Nancy. Working her program has been an absolute positive experience for me. She has boosted my confidence and has given me a new lease on my career and my life. Simply wonderful!

- Sandra K., Santa Barbara, CA

I, like many, was stuck in a career rut, feeling hopeless. Working with Nancy has opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities. I was terrified to network and now I feel like a pro! I’ve made great professional contacts that I’m really proud of. I’m just so glad I finally took control of my life and hired Nancy. She’s an ace!

- Lauren B., St. Louis, MO

Nancy’s tactical and thoughtful program is excellent and her exuberant spirit is SO motivating! This coach tells it like it is and has held me accountable to stay on track. My results from working with Nancy couldn’t have been more satisfying and complete.

- Jason S., Boston, MA

I never knew how powerful LinkedIn was in a career transition, until Nancy showed me how to maximize it as a valuable research tool. Her step-by-step program is seriously amazing. I credit her with my success in transitioning to a whole new industry and a great job … FINALLY!

- Lee T., San Francisco, CA

Nancy gave me inspiration and hope right from the start! Through her excellent program she magically helped me identify my leadership strengths and values, which I now realize needs to be central to my work. Through our time together, I found my transition to actually be exciting instead of fearful. Ultimately, I was thrilled to get two great job offers!

- Patty G., New York City

Nancy has an infectious sense of humor, acute attention to detail and is a true delight. She brings high energy and a rare commitment to her life calling as a career coach.

- Dan T., Tenafly, NJ