Nancy Sherr

Keeping It Real

“Most of our failures are in races for which others enter us. Most of our successes come from races we ourselves want to enter. We fail to win most races because we enter too many of the wrong ones: their races, not ours.”   — Richard Koch 

Sometimes people think you have to be a “superhero” to get it all done — in both your professional and personal life. I can relate … that used to be me.

In fact, most of my clients, when we talk first, are literally doing at least two dozen things that will never result in sharpening their competitive edge to drive their career success, which is after all, what they’re paying me to help them cultivate.

What’s worse, if they’re not wasting precious time spinning their wheels on tactics that don’t move them towards their goal, they’re making huge mistakes by not acting at all.

Creating a more joyful, fulfilling life requires being brutally honest, because this is not in fact, a dress rehearsal.

There’s two themes — both massive mistakes — that I continually see over and over and over again when clients apply to work with me:

[+] EMOTIONAL MISTAKE: They’ve subscribed (sometimes for YEARS) to selling out to an unfulfilling, uninspiring, inauthentic job/career and they’re riddled in so much fear that they can’t make one single move to extrapolate themselves. There is, without question, huge emotional risk to staying put.

[+] TACTICAL MISTAKE: They’re spinning their wheels daily, perhaps silently or with a few close confidants, trying to leverage career search tactics of yesteryear, old antiquated would-be solutions that continually fail them. Conventional, reasonable sounding career-change methods often lead to the most disastrous results which is to say: NO RESULT.

The “risk” is, if you continue to do these two things, you’ll find yourself fighting just to maintain everything, and you can kiss personal & professional growth and satisfaction goodbye.

Some things to think about.

Keep it real.

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