Are You a Mid-Careerist Looking for a CHANGE?

I’ve had a successful career BUT it hasn’t come without some MISERY along the way.

This pic is me. Don’t let that innocent smile fool you. I was miserable. Deeply so.

The nice city view?

Who cared.

I was trapped.


I’d undervalued myself.

Big Time.


As in feeling literally ill on my commute to work: EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

That’s what the “WRONG JOB” will do to you.

It’s positively DREADFUL.

So, are you a mid-careerist in NEED of a career change?

If so, you’re likely considering ways to align your desires with your future career aspirations.

In simple terms that means: “WHAT IN THE *BLEEP* DO I WANT TO DO?”

Maybe you want to increase the likelihood of advancement and the notion of changing your career is closely related to a RENEWED career commitment ==> a FRESH START!

But mostly what I’ve found is that people JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY.

==> Job Satisfaction, Well-Being, FINALLY HAVING CLARITY on the value you can lend and how that value translates into making money to afford a comfortable lifestyle.

Sound about right?

So why are too many people at this stage of life SO likely to experience a mid-career transition as mid-career crisis?

THE GOOD NEWS: This is TOTALLY avoidable.

Here’s highlights of a plan that works:

1. Before you do anything: get really clear on your natural-born strengths and values — and I mean crystal clear to the point of developing a new language where you can articulate: Your Assets into a POWERFUL VALUE STATEMENT.

==> You will feel AH-MAZING and build great CONFIDENCE when you’re able to do this!

2. Research job functions, vocations, industries, business opportunities, problems you’re excited to solve, services you’re excited to deliver, etcetera, that are a true match to the above. Talk to people with those areas of expertise (people love to be asked for help ==> makes them feel important!), gather information, and prove out your thesis to narrow the field of opportunities with laser focus.

==> The clarity you gain from this exercise is HUGE and will contribute to BUILDING POWERFUL MOMENTUM!

3. Define your financial requirements and determine whether those among your top choices are “livelihood worthy.” If not, then that’s a hobby ==> toss it for now, unless a hobby is what you’re seeking.

==> I call this defining your Circle of Genius: the convergence of your Strengths, Values and Money — they all must align to be considered a worthy career trajectory!

4. List out your requirements & non-negotiable’s, plusses, and NFW’s. Yes, you actually do have a say in where you end up and what you agree to. Too many people come to me so beaten down by approaching their career transition the wrong way that they’ve allowed the process to control them, taking them hostage. TAKE CONTROL BACK! And when you do, you’re perceived as more attractive than you might imagine.

==> It’s not unlike dating, if you know what I mean! 

SPOILER ALERT: These steps happen BEFORE you ever dust off your resume, pen a cover letter, or perish the thought: spend endless hours posting to dreaded job boards.

You MUST know were you’re going in order to get there. And, it’s not as overwhelming as you may think — if you follow a thoughtful, sequential, step-by-step process.

Want to talk more? If you’re serious about making change I’m here to help. Click HERE.

Your Career Maven,
[posted @ LinkedIn 2.2.18]

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