What Diving has to do with the Power of Intention

“He who would search for pearls must dive below.” -John Dryden

I’m diving the gin-clear, toasty warm waters off the coast of Bonaire this week with my son, Dean. He’s soon to graduate college and me, well—I’m no spring chicken.

As a backdrop, since Dean was a young boy, he’s always loved the water. Every time we went to a pool, an ocean, a bathtub, whatever—he’d remain submerged until and often beyond, he assumed a prune-like resemblance.

Given Dean’s fish-like DNA coupled with my lifelong desire to become Scuba certified (Queen Mermaid ipso facto), we agreed to complete our certification together.

No time like the present. This week in Bonaire, we became certified.

Three times a day since, we hop on our dive boat and cruise around to a multitude of amazing dive sites, jump in with our dive master, and slowly descend below the surface—just like the fish that my son is and mermaid that I long to be.

We’ve viewed exquisite marine life—all so perfectly adapted to their natural habitat, swam through gigantic schools of magnificent fish, constantly fascinated by the intricacies of the coral reef off the shores of Bonaire, all the way down to 80 feet beneath the surf.

In the midst of marveling at the fascinating underwater world, I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am to be here, creating this memory with my very cool son. I’ve also been thinking about how nothing in life is ever achieved without deliberate intention.

As in, how do you want to live your life and what do you want to accomplish in your lifetime and put that answer into this equation: What Would Have to Happen for you to make it a reality?

WWHH . . . What Would Have to Happen?

Simply start by sketching out the steps and then taking the required action in order to achieve your outcome.

Every day, TAKE ACTION.

It’s not unlike…

🔥 Ditching an unfulfilling relationship and being open to new influences more friendly to the growth of character, OR

🔥 Starting a new business because you have an expertise or a product or a service that the world will value, OR

🔥 Changing jobs or transitioning careers because what you’re doing right now is not a true expression of your best self, OR

🔥 For me this week, fulfilling the desire to achieve a Scuba certification with my son…

Whatever it is, don’t succumb to any form of a prolonged situation that isn’t serving you or endlessly push off a desired experience only to wake up years later and want to slap yourself on the side of the head.

If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that we cannot leave anything in life up to chance.

Be deliberate, unleash your desire, and get yourself in gear.


And if you’re unsure of what’s required to get you there, seek help from an expert. Dive deeper until you find the “pearls”.

I’ve observed too many people who…

😱 Give way to fear and become immobilized, OR

😱 Get too attached to the outcome and loose site of the action steps necessary to achieve the goal, OR

😱 Continue using a process that’s broken because they suppose it to be “too risky” to consult with an expert.

In all of these cases, people fail to take ACTION and as a result, they never bask in the glory of personal or professional satisfaction.

TRUTH: You will be in awe of what you can achieve. Just sketch it out and take ACTION.


It’s SO worth it.

Yours from under the sea,


Published in LinkedIn, August 18, 2018

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