Private Coaching

There are a lot of people who can help you land a job you love.
Your parents. Your peers. Your professors. Your shrink.

But, you’re still stuck.
Swirling and dazed in a haze of confusion.

Is this YOU?

  • You’re struggling to find your footing and can’t seem to get your career off the ground.
  • You’re desperate to do work that matters and really make a difference.
  • You’re just not sure anymore what you want to do.
  • You’re feeling shackled to your corporate job and misery has set in.
  • You feel like you’ve plateaued and don’t know what to do next.
  • You’re scared it may be too late to start over.

You’re not alone. We’ve all felt these feelings. I’ve witnessed too many people across my career selling out to the wrong jobs, shackled to a cubical or trapped in a job that’s leaving them unfulfilled, miserable, slogging along.

Let’s be real. Few things in life are more important than having a career that you love. And further, there’s nothing more disappointing than giving up on yourself.

With me as your career coach, that’s not going to happen.

Meet Jane!

She’s brilliant, funny and highly acclaimed in her industry. Except, as is the case for many, she felt she needed a fresh start. Jane was seeking a deeper sense of self-expression in her career, imagining a new beginning. But to what?

That was The Before.


Here’s The After: “Nancy will take you through each stage of the process until it all comes together. It’s such a relief; she really “gets it”. Nancy is an expert coach, a calm and considered voice that boosted my confidence. Nancy is my secret weapon.”  
— Jane Mathews, Sydney AU

Want to blaze your trail like Jane did …

 and be the next Ambition360 Success Story?

Ambition360 is an all-inclusive step-by-step blueprint that will guide you to Get Known and Get Hired in a Job You LOVE. Across 8 Mastery Modules, you’ll uncover your unique skills and strengths, target the right jobs at the right companies, successfully build the right professional network, and crush the competition with gold star resumes, cover letters, email communications, and all the interview and negotiation accoutrements necessary to successfully wow decision-makers and land your dream job. Ambition360 is thoroughly researched and field-tested in the modern day job market. Toss those dusty antiquated job search tactics to the wind …

Ambition360 is YOUR Secret Weapon!


YOU shouldn’t be squeezing your career into a job that doesn’t fit. YOU don’t want your backstory to be about how you survived the drudgery of a cubicle. YOU weren’t born to coast through life — YOU were born to claim what you crave. YOU were born to leave a positive mark on the world.

I’m living proof that you can radically transform your career and reinvent yourself as whatever you want. It’s TOTALLY possible to make steady progress towards your ideal vision of work — without selling out, burning bridges or going broke.

With steadfast commitment and passion, I’ve created the solution.

I’m looking forward to ushering YOU in!

Conceptualized, Developed & Delivered by Nancy Sherr

nancy1Across my 25 year corporate career as a business leader and hiring manager, and 6 years as a leadership coach and thought leader, I’ve hired and coached hundreds of people to create the value, impact and financial reward they crave in their careers. More importantly: I’ve got a list of client success stories a mile long.

No matter what kind of change or upgrade you want to make in your career — if you’re a college grad just starting out, or you’re re-entering the workforce after a career break, or you’re just downright miserable doing what you’re doing and need to get to what’s next — I have all the tools and processes that will get you there.


IMAGINE what this would mean in YOUR LIFE:

IMAGINE IF every morning when you woke up, you jumped out of bed, excited to get to the job that you LOVE!

IMAGINE IF you’re making the salary and benefits you’ve been dreaming of for years, and you can finally afford to take that dream vacation!

IMAGINE IF you’re a leader in your field and people seek you out as an expert to help show them the way!

INTRODUCING: Ambition360

8 Mastery Modules to Access Mind Shifts & Powerful Success Systems needed to
Get Known and Get Hired in a Job You LOVE


When you work the right system of goals, routines and mindset … life can become an amazing experience. Positive psychology creates a self-perpetuating loop of more action, more motivation, more momentum and a greater sense of self-worth. We’ll reset your mindset and unleash your red-hot burning desire, unlocking your full potential. Once you possess a fire in the belly, accept the challenge to win your dream job and commit to the system, you’ll squash your fears and blaze your trail. You don’t want to wait too long to get yourself in gear. The time is now. I’m excited to usher you in and see you through every step of the way.


Cultivate your competitive edge by defining your natural born strengths and put them to work in the pursuit of personal satisfaction and professional success. I’m a master at uncovering a person’s genius — your most unique gifts. The most critical step in your job search, long before penning a resume or reaching out to a potential networking contact, is a deep dive into identifying and understanding your unique genius, starting with you natural born strengths. Welcome to your first pit stop on the Ambition360 roadmap.


What do you want to do? Deciding this is THE #1 barrier for most job seekers. Why? There are too many choices, which leads to massive overwhelm. Plus, most people a) don’t know what they’re good at and b) have no proven system to follow to get them there. The key is to be very specific in identifying your dream role which is then matched to your dream company. The Ambition360 system provides the exact roadmap and gives you the tools to lead you to illuminating the answer to this equation: Dream Role + Dream Company = Dream Job

Example: “I’m transitioning to become a development manager for an animal protection non-profit (name) in Washington DC.”


Trust the system. Once you’ve identified your natural born strengths and a few job functions that will fit you like a glove, you’re ready to master the art of articulating your assets. We’ll perfectly weave your education, experiences, strengths and values, together with your target dream role into a powerful and compelling professional anthem. You’ll be perfectly equipped to deliver it with confidence, presence and authenticity. Being fully present is not something you can fake. When not fully present in an interaction, people will see it … our body language sends a distinct message that others read and react to, if even on a subconscious level. The outcome of being personally magnetic — or not — can make a tremendous impact on how well you’re received when networking and creating alliances that lead to new career opportunities … including how a hiring manager will view your candidacy for a job. Don’t blow it! I will teach you how.


The most successful people use their relationships to get what they want … call it Relationship Capital. I’ll teach you how to get in the path of the right people, a practice that is paramount to success in life and in business. Relationship Capital is indeed our most valuable currency and in many ways, shapes our destiny. How you interact and maximize your relationships and how fulfilling and authentic they are will impact your future for a lifetime. You’ll learn how to implement networking as a lifestyle, which will serve you well throughout your life. We’ll start off with how best to build your professional network from scratch, warm and cold networking, email scripts, thank you note templates — the whole shebang.


Your resume is a marketing document used to present yourself as a stand out candidate … online and on paper. You’ll attract attention, float your resume to the top of the pile and present yourself as a winner. Clear, concise, and compelling. You’ll apply tried-and-true tips to ensure your resume makes a BIG impact. Your achievements will dominate; we’ll strengthen the verbs and quantify your wins. Every word earns its place on the page. You’ll get resume templates and teardowns. And you’ll also learn exactly how to leverage LinkedIn to it’s fullest potential, creating your LinkedIn profile with your resume as a guide. Cover letter templates are yours with guidelines to match. You’ll have a stellar communication strategy baked and know exactly what to do. We’ll take all the guesswork out of it. I’ve got you covered!


Interviewing is an art that gets easier and more fun with experience. We’ll practice, practice, practice how you show up, perfecting your body language, and how you’ll WOW them by crisply articulating your assets, qualifications and enthusiasm for the job. There’s typically three kinds of interview questions asked, and each type is a way for you to take control of the conversation and show the interviewer how great you are: The Classic: “Tell me about yourself?” The Behavioral: “Can you tell me about a time when . . . ” and The Brainteaser: “What’s a good product for Apple to launch next?” We’ll cover all of these in great detail to ensure you are very well prepared and ace the interview and get the offer!


Negotiating your desired compensation package is the culmination of your job search process. It’s what you’ve worked so hard for and we’ll make it count. I’ll teach you how to calculate the compensation package for your dream job as well as the guidelines and action steps to win the best salary and compensation offer possible. Mastery of these vital components of your job search is not learned in a high school or college classroom, or in an MBA program. You need an intense focus and a clear understanding as how best to negotiate like a champ. And you need a roadmap, a system that works: Ambition360 will show you the exact way.


Eliminate self-destructive negative self-talk, then this is the program for you…

Fall in love with landing your dream job as opposed to dreading going to your current job everyday, then this is the program for you…

Have your career be a source of positivity and enthusiasm in your family because it’s providing for and motivating those you love, then this is the program for you…

NEVER have to click on another ‘career hacks’ link ever again, because you’ve mastered that part of your life, then this is the program for you…

Be pursued by other professionals in your area of expertise because you’re someone that people want to do build relationships with, then this is the program for you…

Develop a level of mental toughness so that small setbacks don’t ever knock you off course but keeps driving you forward, then this is the program for you…

End your days with your head hitting your pillow feeling incredibly satisfied with your day’s work, then this is the program for you…

You want to ripen your seeds of world class performance, then this program is for you…

Build fruitful long-lasting relationships with like-minded people…

Make more money and feel the satisfaction you desire and deserve…

Feeling it? Then, make it so! 


When you hire me as your career coach, I’ll work with you to identify what your dream job is and be your expert guide to get you from here to there. I’ll hold you accountable every step of the way and “get up in your grill” when I hear you whining, shrinking, or caving into your negative self-talk. We’ll demolish your fears and negative chatter, and translate them to confidence, positive momentum and impact. And anyway, you’re not paying me to listen to excuses. You’re paying me to help you get to where you want to go.

Ambition360 ALL STARS

It was quickly clear that Nancy is a person who is genuinely invested in my success. She has totally transformed my view on my professional future. Not only did I get a fantastic new job, I also feel equipped with the confidence and tools I will need to take action and continue to achieve my career goals, all thanks to Nancy!

— Ben R., Providence, RI

I, like many millennials was stuck in a career rut, feeling hopeless. Working with Nancy has opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities. I was terrified to network and now I feel like a pro! I’ve made great professional contacts that I’m really proud of. I’m just so glad I finally took control of my life and hired Nancy. She’s an ace!

— Lauren B., St. Louis, MO


lnancyWhen I say that I won’t let you fail, I’m not kidding. I am a high-touch, high-energy, deliberate and devoted kind of coach. I’m not expecting perfection (it doesn’t exist!), but I demand focus and progress. This is YOUR LIFE, after all. And YOUR CAREER is a big part of what creates YOUR HAPPINESS AND WELL-BEING. It’s time to show up like you mean it.
I offer a four-month private coaching option because in my experience that’s what works best. I can promise you that if you put forth the commitment, you’ll think and feel very differently about your career. And your life will forever be changed for the better as a result.
Now, let’s get to it. Because four months from now, you’ll be so thrilled that you started this journey TODAY.

Here’s the JAZZ to your Career BLUES 

  • Seize control and commit to NOT living a default life stuck in the wrong job.
  • Stop following old archaic career advice that only leads you to the Chasm of Despair when you should be functioning at the Peak of Confidence.
  • Understanding exactly how to play the game by not being obsessed with minutiae like spending endless time on researching the best font size for your resume, and not endlessly applying on job boards and hearing crickets in response — in fact, you’ll NEVER apply to job board again!
  • Be well poised to tap into your right network that will lead you to the best jobs often before they’re even posted. You’ll get LinkedIn tutorials & best practices, warm & cold email networking scripts, thank you note templates, resume & cover letter templates & teardowns — all the tools you’ll need to WIN.
  • Ace interviews with world-class skills, you’ll show up as your compelling self . . . stoked with smarts, charisma and personal magnetism.
  • Negotiate compensation packages like a champion so you’re finally paid what you’re worth.

Your Ambition360 Platinum Coaching Intensive

Here’s what you get:
  • You’re looking at the one & only way to work with me privately and since my Platinum Clients get Premium Access to me, I work with only a select number of private clients at a time.
  • 8 60-minute phone/Skype sessions scattered over 4 months (i.e. 2 sessions per month x 4 months)
  • Two monthly voice check-ins between sessions, plus an open invitation to ping/ring/text me during my weekly office hours.
  • Full access to the exclusive Ambition360: 8 Mastery Modules all-inclusive step-by-step roadmap, guiding you to land a job you love. This program is a by-product of 25+ years of career experience, thorough research and field-testing, and a fortuitous commitment to teach you everything you need to you know to get what you want in your career. And if you don’t know precisely what you want just yet—don’t worry most people don’t. I’m an ace at helping you figure that out!

Make the first move!

If you’re IN, tap the button and select your mode of payment. I’ll be in your inbox within 1-2 days with logistics and your Ambition360 Playbook and we’ll get your new career and life off to the races.

Got questions? Email me.



From the high-quality teachings to easy-to-use client access, extra care has been taken in every part of the Ambition360 program. Most importantly, the support you’ll receive during and after the program is what sets it apart. Nancy’s uncommon and fortuitous dedication to you and your career success and to making the changes you want to achieve happen for you quickly is just another reason this is a World-Class opportunity.


Ambition360 has been improved, optimized, and field-tested based on 25+ years of hard work with careerists across the globe. If you have a coachable attitude and do the work, you will get results. You will finish what you start. You will realize momentum in your career and change the way you feel about your work. this will be the time you point to years from now as the turning point in your professional life.


You’re here for a reason. Your time is now. For all of the time you spend at work, you might as well enjoy what you do and realize the financial value of your efforts. 25+ years of business experience and a laser focus is what Nancy brings to Ambition360 and ultimately to you. It’s Uncommon and World-Class.


If for whatever reason you’re the rare Ambition360 client member who is NOT making major strides towards achieving career changing results let me know within 30 days, show me your work, and I’ll return every dime of your investment.

Ambition360 All Stars

“As a recent college grad, I thought there were no good career prospects for me until I worked with Nancy, then everything changed. She guided me to reframe how I present myself so that I could confidently network and make valuable contacts, which ultimately lead me to getting an awesome job! She has that rare ability to take your story and make it cohesive and compelling. Working with Nancy has really built my confidence and seriously turned my professional life around! She’s a masterful career coach, one you need in your corner.”

— Shawn G., Syracuse University ‘14

“Nancy’s career advice is engaging, counterintuitive and inspiring. I hit a wall in my career and was feeling really down. I was so lucky to find her. Her process is thoughtful, thorough and focused. She’s so knowledgeable about the current job market and what it takes to find a great job. I finally saw a way out of feeling like I had to stay stuck in a job that I truly loathed! She helped me quickly figure out what I really wanted to do and how to go after it. Plus, she’s just so uplifting and motivating. My confidence was immediately boosted. Nancy is a sure shot!”

 — Peter N. Washington D.C.