Truth is, a year from now you’re going to be a year older. Then what?

MAYBE YOU’VE BEEN TEETERING ON THAT CAREER EDGE FOR TOO LONG beating yourself up about not pushing harder, or maybe you’re just exhausted from trying too hard but not realizing the satisfaction and peace you’re longing for in your career and life.

MAYBE YOU’RE TIRED OF BEING STUCK IN PERPETUAL FEAR MODE laying awake at night staring at the ceiling, wondering what’s next, because what you’re doing now — it’s just NOT sustainable.

MAYBE YOU CRAVE BEING MORE IN CONTROL so that you channel your secret superpowers into fuel that fires up your career and your life.


“With her sharp wit and laser-like focus, Nancy helped me get crystal clear on my strengths, values and transferable skills and how they can fuel my next career move. In record time, she had me thinking (and acting) outside the proverbial box of my career transition and I was able to parlay our work together into new and exciting possibilities. Her’s is a no-nonsense but compassionate approach; I always left each session feeling motivated and inspired.

I am truly grateful to Nancy for her positive energy and enthusiasm, and for believing in me when I had difficulty believing in myself.”

— Karen T., Brooklyn, NY

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Conceptualized, Developed & Delivered by Nancy Sherr

Across my 25-year corporate career as a business leader and hiring manager, and 8 years as an executive & career coach, I’ve coached hundreds of people across thousands of coaching hours to create the value, impact and financial reward they crave in their careers and in their lives. And, I’ve got a list of client success stories a mile long.

If you’re in mid-career and in need of a change or you’re re-entering the workforce after a career break and need a hand to get to what’s next, I have the step-by-step roadmap to get you there — with stellar results! 

I’m obsessive about exceeding expectations and going above and beyond for you, that’s the way I roll. I can’t wait to usher you in…