Nancy’s style?
Light-it-all-up, burn-it-all-down,
and rise-from-the-ashes hot!

… for editors, journalists, freelance magazine writers, producers, podcasters, radio hosts and all interested parties.
Nancy Sherr

The buzz on Nancy

“She ignites change with her illuminating, exuberant spirit.”
“You hire Nancy Sherr when you need a straight-talking, gracious, inspirationally motivating speaker who’s whip smart.”
“She’s a soulful, smart & supportive career strategist who inspires me to stand up and face my truth about what I want in my career”
“Nancy’s a funny, smart, passionate speaker who stirs people’s internal fire from her very first word.”
“Nancy is a conduit for the wonderful energy of discovery.”

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Nancy Sherr speaks, writes and directs people through the fires of career change and watches them emerge as the triumphant phoenix. She knows what it takes to thrive, not just survive, as a successful professional in the modern day.

Nancy’s life’s work is focused on teaching people at all stages of their careers how to find a job they love and navigate career growth, while creating a natural network so they never have to “look” for a job again. She’s worked with hundreds of people across thousands of coaching hours, listened to the same concerns, observed the same misconceptions, and offers what her clients refer to as a career game-changer.

Nancy will blaze a trail for powerful impact and transformational career results at your next meeting, special event, or keynote. Her style: passionate, inspiring, forward-focused, and actionable. Big laughs, a-ha’s, and breakthroughs.

Need a highly memorable speaker, panelist, commentator, or interview guest?

Nancy will deliver one of her powerful signature talks on precisely what it takes to Get Known and Get Hired to a Job You LOVE, or she’ll craft a presentation particularly for you and your audience.

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Signature Talks:

  • Cracking the Code on the #1 Career Roadblock: “I Need a New Job, but I Don’t Know What I Want To Do!”
  • Matching Your Career to the Skills and Strengths You Love Most
  • Rethinking Your Network: Defining Relationship Capital
  • Crafting Your Professional Anthem
  • Networking and Interviewing with Charisma, Power & Personal Magnetism
  • Negotiating the Compensation You Desire & Deserve
  • Redefining Your Professional Identity after Raising a Family

More On Nancy

Nancy Sherr is the founder & CEO of The Sherr Collective a consultancy specializing in guiding mid careerists how to navigate successful career transitions and reinventions. She’s an expert in helping people reveal and leverage their natural born skills and strengths, earn the salary they desire and deserve, and create natural networks so they’re finally loving their work. Nancy is the author of The Bravehearts Guide: How To Navigate Career and Live Transitions. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, HuffPostLIVE, Women & Co., Tiny Buddah, SheKnows.com, GLO.msn.com & LifeByMe. She speaks globally on careers, leadership, and navigating the disruptions of change.

For speaking, interviews, and media opportunities contact: nancy (at) nancysherr (dot) com