Tenacity, Bravery & Fortitude @ Work


I think about tenacity, bravery and fortitude — all the gutsy references that are appealing traits in people we admire. What is it that we’re actually admiring? Their hard-charging career success? The warp speed by which they move? How much money we think they might make?

We tend to project admiration on to “Mr./Ms. Boss” because he/she’s so driven and seemingly important, although deep down we secretly think “Mr./Ms. Boss” is actually a bit of an ass (not unlike trying to keep up with the “Joneses” even though of course, we can’t stand the “Joneses”).

Throughout the test of time, how many leaders have you worked for have actually been invested in your development, your professional success and well-being in the workplace?

In the spirit of achievement and teamwork etcetera, and all that top performers must espouse to deliver excellence at work, how many leaders actually care about how you feel about things day-to-day?

How many leaders actually take the time to understand a person’s natural-born strengths and commit to authentically matching those strengths to the right roles? How many make it a priority as a leader to care about if you’re flourishing and doing your best work day-to-day?

In my experience, the greatest leaders I’ve worked for have made ME feel like the most important person, not vice-versa. And there have been very few of them, I must add… but that’s not really the point of this post.

Throughout the development of my work I’ve managed, interviewed, coached and consulted with hundreds of people across thousands of hours. And what has been astonishing to me, is the overwhelming number of people who are not aware nor can they articulate in a concise, powerful and compelling way, their most prized strengths and assets and how they can leverage them to create exponential value in an organization or endeavor.

For starters — never mind the leaders — how about YOU take control and reveal your own secret superpowers, and then don’t keep them such a secret.

I see my clients applying their unique superpowers to solving critical problems in the world, to delivering services that they’re passionate about, to leading people and to making an impact, and they are getting paid their worth.

When I think about my work, I view it as the culmination of years and years of gathering insights, observations and making thoughtful conclusions and to effectively guide people to finding their “right” work. This is what I’m supposed to be doing in my life — in addition to living a peaceful, satisfying, authentic lifestyle.

How about you?

What is your best work?

Are you doing it? If not, what are you waiting for?

Bottom line: I don’t want people to live divided anymore. Where the inner person is divided from the outer person in the workplace — because that brings on despair, despondency, and crisis.

It’s time for YOU to own this, because chances are — nobody else will.

It’s time for YOU to approach your career with curiosity and authenticity vs. stress, grief, and anxiety. And, that’s precisely the way I roll…

Start here:

  • What is your form of genius? i.e. What are you amazing at?
  • What do people/colleagues come to you for? What do they thank you for most often? How does that make you feel?
  • How would you like to be acknowledged, awarded, praised? Is that happening for you in your current role?
  • Overall, is your career energizing or draining you? How do you act on those inclinations — or do you?

If you’re curious to reveal your unique strengths arsenal and circle of genius, grab a spot on my calendar and I’ll explain the exact method to accomplish that in just one hour of your time. This will give you a “new language” to use when you articulate your value to a busy person — plus it’s a very self-indulging exercise that will boost your confidence in amazing ways and get you super clear on your best path forward.

There are too many awesome people silently suffering in the workplace, shackled to jobs they don’t like. If you choose to initiate the change and transformation you desire and deserve in your career and your life, I’ll give you a massive dose of perspective that will inspire the courage and bravery that lives within you; and I’ll instill and install the exact process you need to get you on your merry way — and FAST.

Get on my calendar here — only if you’re ready, that is…

Cheers —


Published in LinkedIn – June 21, 2018

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