The *COLD HARD TRUTH* About Your Next Career Move







You’ve made it to senior levels. You’ve worked hard.

You’ve made the big bucks and created the lifestyle to match.

And now, you’re ready for your next chapter.

BUT, you don’t want EVERYTHING you’ve worked for to come CRASHING DOWN if you make a change.

You need to get it right—OR ELSE.

The elephant in the room: Where Exactly Do You Begin?

The solution is simple. It’s living and breathing at this VERY MOMENT in your “Strengths Arsenal.”

Here’s the deal:

I KNOW you have strengths.

I KNOW that no one has the quite the same configuration or pattern of strengths and weaknesses as you do.

I KNOW that you will be your most creative, most effective, most productive, most resilient self, when you figure out how to play to your strengths.


🔥 YOU Have Strengths.

🔥 YOU Must Know What They Are.

🔥 YOU Must Be Able To Articulate Them.

🔥 YOU Must Use Them In Your Work Today And Always.

And if you do, you will LOVE your work because you will realize your greatest VALUE and enjoy creating the IMPACT you crave.

Think about:

💥 Work you did as a kid

💥 Work you did in college

💥 Work you’ve done in the workplace

💥 How you approach things

💥 How you break big things down into little pieces

💥 How you teach

💥 How you lead

💥 How you facilitate

💥 How you manage

All of these are unique to you as in *No One Else Does It The Way You Do.*

You know that you have strengths that you don’t have to work so hard at, that other people have to work hard at—but yet, those actions, those activities—they come naturally to you.

💥 They fuel you

💥 They empower you

💥 And, time flies when you’re doing them

Those are your natural-born strengths —> the ones you LOVE to use.

But, it’s difficult to build on your strengths if you don’t know what they are. And the truth is, MOST PEOPLE DON’T.

I’ve asked hundreds of successful people this question: “What are your strengths?”

And most often this is the answer:

“Well, I like working with people!” OR “Actually, I’m a people person!” (With no mention of who these people are or what you’re doing with these people; are you educating, managing, inspiring, curing, what?)

Instinctively, you know your strengths or at least you once knew them. But perhaps it’s faded. You’ve somehow lost sight of yourself. And now, you struggle to know and articulate them.

And further, we think our strengths are tied to PERFORMANCE and are DIRECTLY RELATED to activities that we excel at.

The great myth here is that you can deliver top performance doing activities that deplete you. So that’s not a strength—that’s actually a weakness.

A weakness is an activity that weakens you even if you’re good at it.” Whole careers have been built this way, btw…

A strength to mark as central to your work is an activity that STRENGTHENS and ENERGIZES you.

A strength is when you get in that zone where:

⭐️ the right decisions just come easily to you.

⭐️ you feel creative without even trying and ideas just come one after the next.

⭐️ you feel challenged in JUST the way you want to be challenged.

⭐️ you have moments when you dive into something and get so involved in it that when you’re done you’re NOT tired—you’re actually fulfilled and invigorated and you almost wish that your WHOLE JOB was doing that activity.

If you can identify *THE ROLE* that plays to your greatest strengths, the ones you love to use, EVERYBODY WINS.

You will win, your company, your team, your family, your friends—everyone will win when you make your MARK ON THE WORLD using your strengths.

You’ve heard the statement: 🔥 You Are Your Own Greatest Asset. 🔥

The research shows that this isn’t the case; less than 2 out of 10 of us can say that we are our Own Greatest Asset. Which means 80% of people in the workplace are not playing to their strengths.

Are you one of the 2 out of 10—and if you aren’t, how can you change that?

💥 Let’s Get You Back On Your Strengths Path!💥

Listen, I’ve studied thousands of successful people—and I know that work can be a place where you feel like you’re TOO FAR down the road to do anything about it.

Life gets really heavy, really quickly . . .

But living some second rate version of someone else’s life is no way to live.

Bored, drained, burned out, selling out.

You can blame your boss, your situation, your responsibilities, your fate . . .

But the responsibility is YOURS.

How do you avoid that future and how do you BUILD YOUR BEST LIFE in your NEXT JOB OR CAREER?

Btw, Right Management says that ⅔ of managers fail to actively engage in their own career development. It might be time for you…

Email me at nancy [at] nancy sherr [dot] com — I’m happy to share what I know.

*Posted in LinkedIn – November 3, 2018

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