"HOW TO MAKE A FULL-TIME LIVING DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!" The NEW WAY to Create the Wealth, Career & Life You Crave  

Presented by: Nancy Sherr  

After a 25 year corporate career, hiring and leading winning teams, Nancy is an expert at guiding mid-career professionals from uninspiring, unsustainable, soul-roasting jobs to growing authentic, financially rewarding careers that they LOVE!  

Nancy will help you demolish your fears, unleash your confidence, and unlock your brilliance!

You're going to learn...

  • Three Simple Shifts that will reveal your next career move and the complete step-by-step roadmap to get you there. 
  • How to transform your struggle, suffering, and bitterness into winning the perfect job OR creating your own business!  
  • The exact formula to build your values, strengths, and financial desires into your career so you NEVER sell out to a soul-roasting job.  
  • How to be confident, poised, and articulate when you approach a busy person to build your network.
  • How to debunk your most crippling beliefs that keep you from landing or creating your BEST JOB YET (one you CAN'T WAIT to get to everyday)! 

WARNING: Space is limited! We are limited to 250 seats on this webinar, and we almost always max out on attendance. If this sounds good, lock in your seat by clicking the button below.  

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