My Two Cents On What The Hell It Takes

My Two Cents On What The Hell It Takes

What would you say is the emotional risk of staying put in a job that’s inauthentic, uninspiring, and all wrong?

How deep is the frustration when you can’t believe you’re in this situation at this point of your life? You’re almost embarrassed and might even feel shame.

And then there’s: “Follow Your Passions” … Really?

Do your passions pay?

I didn’t think so…

I’ve talked to hundreds of mid-careerists in the past few months alone, who are sickened by this problem. It’s just SO common. They’re often financially successful and miserable to their core. It goes on and on and on. And, it’s painful to watch.

People can fake towing the company line for a long time. It’s just like staying in a bad marriage…

==> reporting in daily,

==> silently miserable,

==> with ulterior motives,

==> scared to make a move given the financial pressures,

==> desperate to plan an escape without knowing where their going,

==> with no clear plan.


Here’s my two cents on this topic, but it’s totally irrelevant and nobody should care.

I’ve conceptualized, developed and deliver a brilliant solution to this problem; one that I’ve built, brick by brick by brick. It’s so well informed, tested and tweaked over and over, it’s different from anything out there, and it works like a charm.

It also lifts people up and out of their heads, helps them build confidence and feel great about themselves.

I have that effect on people.

Anyway, plagued by my own perfectionism, blessed by my exhaustive fact-finding dogma, my 25 years within the walls of giant corporations fending off numbing corporate politics while hiring and managing top-performing teams and championing amazing people to grow great careers, raising two cool dogs and two bright city kids soon to graduate college, I have the salts to create a compelling solution to help disenchanted mid-career professionals cultivate their competitive edge, package it, and transition it joyfully and successfully out into the world.

That’s the easy part.

I am the “neuroscientist” of mid-career professional reinvention.

Who cares.

None of this matters.

You see, it’s not finding the solution to the problem that’s the issue. Solutions can be found. We live in the Digital Age. Remedies are plentiful. If you scour around and turn over enough stones, you can succeed… It just requires some work.

But to really execute with success — that comes down to sheer commitment.

I have people apply to work with me because I need to be sure we’re a good fit. And I only work with a few people at at time, so I must be selective. There needs to be commitment; they have to have that red hot burning desire.

I go to the mat for my clients, as I do for everyone and everything meaningful in my life. My work is very personal to me. So, I can only work with people I can help. They have to want it.

I have a sense of urgency to everything I do, and that’s what posts results. But mastering change is not in what’s baked into any solution; it’s not what’s in any business leader’s or entrepreneur’s secret sauce.

It goes FAR beyond that.

People don’t succeed for a mindset reason.

They have to be willing to put in the effort, they have to be invested in making the change — both personally and financially — and if they want to up their game and hire a professional to shepherd them through to their desired result:

[+] they must value and trust in that person

[+] they must be ready to invest in themselves (the most critical investment anyone will ever make)

[+] and the have to want to win.

It’s no different from successful weight loss, mastering Mozart’s Concerto, climbing Kilimanjaro, or transitioning into an awesome new job. It all comes down to sheer commitment.

When you compare selling out to a soul-roasting job vs. working with a team of people who inspire you, you’re solving a problem your excited about solving, you’re earning a salary you desire and deserve, and you’re emotionally stoked to get to work everyday — what is that worth?

It’s a personal decision.

You with me?

I’d happily pay a trusted advisor untold amounts of money to get me where I wanted to go if I was spinning my wheels, struggling to figure it out myself, and I wanted to get there — simply because my return on investment would be EXPONENTIAL.


Btw, I’m surrounded by a bunch of “neuroscientist” entrepreneurs who have upped my game exponentially — and I paid big bucks to sit at the table with them. 100% worth it.


That’s my two cents.

Oh, and apply to work with me HERE … if you dare . . . 😉

At your service,


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